Program Coordinator

Ngày:  24-11-2022
Địa điểm: 

Hà Nội, VN

Công ty bổ nhiệm mới:  VSTV

Job Description:

  1. Working with related parties to build cost estimation for sport production, consolidate cost estimation and show information, propose and get approval from operation manager, follow internal approval process to get the PR approved by CFO/GD
2. Execute finance control for sport production against approved budget, include providing monthly provision + settlement report for all sport  production + process payment for all sport freelancers
3. Execute purchasing for sport production following company process under supervision from Operation Manager: bidding/quotation, select supplier, contract, payment
4. In charge of communicating weekly sport commentary/localization/production schedule to related parties, coordinate censorship for all sport content (including promo material, visual on channels), minutes weekly sport production meetings
5. In charge of admin tasks/ logistics for sport production and support Operation Manager in general admin work for Channel & Content Department
6. Censor and coordinate kid content censorship with all related parties (internal and external), in the position to push for all kid content to be airing as scheduled by programming team.


  • Education: University Education
  • Experience:
    - 2 years working related to building cost, finance control, settlement report and support for television production.
    - Disciplined and smart in working with number, cost, cash, strictly follow process
    - Having sense of content censorship for TV and VOD, having sense of taking high responsibility for all sport + kid content to be airing as schedule
  • Skills:
     - Good at cost estimation, consolidate information for proposal
    - Good at managing cost, managing cash for production, timely provision and settlement report, payment
    - Good at communication, coordination and interpersonal skill
    - Can work under pressure, under tough deadline and take accountability for the scope of work assigned.
    - Able to work by office based but flexible responding and solving issue from work in the evening and weekend
    - Good at English in writing and vocal